Experts in

Exterior Natural Woodcare


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Our philosophy at Mountain WoodCare™ is to provide high quality service with integrity at a competitive price.

We specialize in exterior wood restoration and preservation providing our customers with long term solutions to common problems associated with maintaining exterior natural wood. Because it is all we do, we have perfected the restoration process required to do the job right the first time.

We use only the best methods and the best products available to preserve and protect the natural beauty of your investment. Our procedures allow for minimal preparations for future maintenance applications, saving our customers money and keeping their natural wood beautiful for years to come. 


Log Homes


In Colorado's extreme climate log homes are susceptible to various climate related damage. The sun, rain, snow, wide temperature fluctuations, low humidity all contribute to degrading your home's exterior. We provide long term solutions to protect your home's exterior from the elements while maintaining it's beautiful natural wood look for years to come.

Wood-Sided Homes


Wood siding is a beautiful, and rustic esthetic for homes in and around the Boulder area. Don’t let mildew and other environmental factors reduce the quality of your home’s exterior. Mountain Woodcare has more than 15 years of experience treating and restoring wood siding of all varieties. Go beyond the typical pressure wash with a process guaranteed to last for years.

Decks & Fences


Our decks and fences are enormously important parts of our mountain homes. They host our feet in the summer time, and establish our property boundaries for pets and wildlife. Properly caring for the wood comprising our decks and fences will give them the durability to endure all of Colorado’s seasons with less maintenance and worry.

Our Process

We have developed a unique process that gives our customers a rich, natural wood appearance; longer lifespan between applications; and a permanent, cost- effective solution for future maintenance.


Mountain Woodcare In Action

Watch our video to learn more about the process.

Double Gold Guarantee

We use only the finest Boodge products and are a Certified Boodge Contractor. Our work comes with a 5-year performance guarantee against loss of color, or turning to gray on vertical, non-standing-water surfaces of your natural wood fence or siding. In the unlikely event that the application fails before five years, we guarantee product replacement as well as the labor to reapply Boodge Fence Defense to the affected area or areas.



Some of the finest homeowners in Colorado trust us with their homes. Here is a sampling of some of our projects.